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Innovation Center

Welcome to the Waunakee High School Innovation Center

The Waunakee Innovation Center is a partnership between the Waunakee Community School District and the Waunakee Area Education Foundation. The Innovation Center is a resource space that the school and community use to promote the education of innovation, ingenuity, and creativity. The center promotes the integration of curricular areas through collaborative projects and teamwork. Opened in of September 2016, the Innovation Center became a certified Fab Lab as part of Fab Academy network. This partnership allows the students of the Waunakee Community School District to be part of the global creative network by sharing their designs and knowledge with other Fab Labs across the world.


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Mr. Willauer
‚ÄčTechnology and Engineering Instructor
‚ÄčInnovation Center Director

I began my educational career as a Technology Education instructor at Waunakee High School in 2001 after graduating from UW-Stout and have seen tremendous change in our department since I started teaching.

The Waunakee Technology and Engineering department has evolved from a strictly traditional department to a true Technology and Engineering Department through engineering
curriculum and the addition of some cutting edge equipment.

Through my years here, I have become the yearbook adviser as well as a certified instructor for both PLTW Intro to Engineering Design and Engineering Design and Development courses.

Ms. Proctor
Art and Design Instructor
Innovation Center Instructor

I’m not only an art teacher at Waunakee Community High School, but also a Waunakee High School Alumni.  Over the last thirteen years I have taught here, I have grown the Digital Art Program and I now teach exclusively the computer art classes consisting of Photoshop, Graphic Design (Adobe Illustrator), 3D Animation (Maya), along with IDEA.

I’ve been working to use industry leading software in our classes to help prepare our students for college and future careers. What excites me about teaching is giving student the tools and seeing them apply their creativity to make wonderful works of art.

I am proud to be the only United States graduate of the Fab Academy Training in the summer of 2017.

Mr. Schumacher
Technology and Engineering Instructor

I started my education career right here student teaching at Waunakee in 2015. Throughout that time I got to see the in’s and out’s of our Technology and Engineering department.

I was brought back to teach full time when the Innovation Center got its wheels rolling and started to come to life.

I mainly teach the traditional shop classes which consist of Woods, Intro to Industrial Tech., Prep Trades, and Construction Trades.

With My Wood Shop right next to the Innovation Center, I plan to incorporate the space into most of my curriculum. Along with that our plan as a team is to expand the Innovation Center into my Wood Shop by the end of the 17-18 school year.